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Books of Remembrance

Books of Remembrance provide a permanent memorial to people who have been cremated.

Books of Remembrance provide a permanent memorial to people who have been cremated at Bournemouth Crematorium and Poole Crematorium.

The books are beautiful, with tooled leather covers and high-quality parchment pages. Each inscription is handwritten by a calligrapher with a coloured motif of choice.

Entry details

Your entry can be between 2 and 8 lines, with 30 characters per line. The entry always begins with the surname and first name of the deceased. You can then choose the rest of the text.

The Books of Remembrance displays the date at the top of each page but does not display the year. This is because each volume covers several years. If you would like your loved ones year of death detailed you will need to add this into your entry.

Illuminated entries

An entry can be illustrated with the artist's impression of a picture, such as a spray of flowers, coat of arms or regimental badge. This is called an illuminated entry.

If you’d like a non-standard illustration, or a particular image, please provide a good quality picture that the artist can copy.

The artist cannot copy an image if it’s covered by copyright unless you include written authorisation from the copyright holder with your application. The picture will be returned to you once the entry is complete.

Illustrations can only be added to entries of between 3 and 5 lines and unfortunately, they cannot be added later.

Viewing the Books of Remembrance

You can view the books in the private viewing room located adjacent to the chapels in North Cemetery and in the viewing room adjacent to the public office at Poole Crematorium. They are placed open on the day’s date, so entries are on view every year on the anniversary.

The Books are available for viewing from 9am to 4pm daily (Monday to Sunday) Viewing at other times can also be made by prior appointment - please contact us.


Visit our fees and prices page for the latest pricing.

Placing an entry

You’ll need to complete a book of remembrance application form and return it to us with your payment.

Check spellings, dates, and other details carefully as it may not be possible to correct any mistakes once the entry has been inscribed in the book. If errors can be corrected, you may be charged.

Please note, that once an entry is inscribed into the Books of Remembrance it cannot be removed.

Support for the Bereaved

If you, or someone you know, needs extra support during this difficult time, there are some organisations that can help.