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Conveyancing Service

Read about how we transport your loved one from our Halo Ceremony Hall, Poole, to Bournemouth Crematorium.

Here on this page, we aim to answer your questions about how we transport your loved one from our Halo Ceremony Hall, Poole, to Bournemouth Crematorium. If you wish to talk to us about this service, please contact the BCP Bereavement Care team directly.

What does ‘conveyancing service’ mean?

Our conveyancing service is the transportation of the deceased from the place the funeral is held, to the crematorium where the cremation will take place.

Why is there a need to have a  conveyancing service?

We use this conveyancing service when it is not possible to hold the cremation within your chosen funeral location, e.g. when a funeral service is held at a church and the deceased is then cremated at a crematorium.

Will my loved one be treated with love, dignity and respect?

BCP Bereavement Care holds the ICCM Gold Standard Award for compliance with the requirements of the Charter for the Bereaved. We pride ourselves in taking the utmost care of your loved one, whatever stage of their final journey they are on. Your loved one will be treated with dignity and respect at all times whilst in our care.

Where and how will my loved one be cared for until they are moved?

After the funeral service, your loved one will be cared for by our experienced BCP Bereavement Care team where the funeral took place until conveyed to the crematorium.  

How does it affect my funeral service?

Your funeral service will not be affected. Once the catafalque (where the coffin is placed) is lowered, or all mourners have left the building (whatever your stated preference), your loved one will be taken into our storage facility onsite at Poole pending their conveyance ensuring the security, safety and care of your loved one until their cremation.

What are the extra costs?

There is no extra cost charged by BCP Bereavement Care if you choose to convey your loved one by using our in-house conveyancing service. However, some funeral directors may offer to convey your loved one directly to Bournemouth Crematorium using their own vehicle and staff and may charge an additional fee for providing this.

When will my loved one be moved from the ceremony hall to the crematorium?

Your loved one will be conveyed from their funeral service location to the crematorium within 24 hours of their service. Their cremation will take place within 72 hours of arriving at the crematorium and will be securely and safely cared for until their allocated cremation time. 

Will my religious beliefs and needs be observed?

This service has been created in full consultation with representatives from all religious denominations and we can guarantee that all religious beliefs are respected and observed.

Will I be told when the cremation takes place?

Please inform your Funeral Director, or the BCP Bereavement Care office, if you’d like to be informed either when, or once the cremation has taken place. This will be done by telephone call, so please make sure you are available at the planned cremation time.

Where do I collect my loved one’s cremated remains from?

You can choose to collect your loved one’s cremated remains from either your Funeral Director, Poole Crematorium or Bournemouth Crematorium.

Who drives the vehicle?

A fully trained member of the BCP Bereavement Care team drives the conveyancing vehicle and will be assisted by a colleague. Both will be responsible for the collection, placing and conveyancing of your loved one. They can be identified by the uniform they wear. 

What does the vehicle look like?

The conveyancing vehicle is a discreet, grey vehicle. It is not branded in any way and has been professionally adapted to become a coffin conveyancing vehicle, which is maintained to the same clinical standards observed within our crematories. It is regularly maintained and cleaned both inside and out by the BCP Bereavement Care Team ensuring that the vehicle is highly presented at all times.

How is my loved one placed in the vehicle?

Our team will convey your loved one using a specialist trolley from the conveyancing storage facility at Poole through the ceremony hall to the waiting conveyancing vehicle. The arrangement is carried out discreetly first thing in the morning before the sites open to the public. A formal handover process is carefully followed providing accountability every step of the way of your loved one’s final journey. Your loved one is treated with respect and dignity at all times. 

How many coffins are in the vehicle?

The number of coffins within the vehicle at any one time cannot be confirmed, but the maximum number that can be placed within the vehicle is four.

Can I choose who conveys my loved one?

Some funeral directors offer a conveyancing service, which can be booked at the time of arranging the funeral. Your funeral director may charge for this service. Please ask your funeral director for details.

Can I accompany my loved one on this journey?

As the conveyancing arrangement does not generally take place until the morning following the funeral service, it is not practical for families to accompany their loved one on their conveyancing journey. 

What option do I have if I do not wish to use this conveyancing service?

If you decide that you do not wish for your loved one to be conveyed, we recommend that you choose to hold the funeral service at Bournemouth Crematorium.

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