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Burials take place within one of our 9 cemeteries.

How do I arrange a burial?

If you would like to arrange the burial of a loved one who has passed, please contact a Funeral Director who will arrange this on your behalf.

What is a burial?

A burial service is when a coffin is lowered into an earthen grave. This is often held after the main service which can take place in one of our Chapels or in a local Church, Mosque or Synagogue.

All our cemeteries have a consecrated and unconsecrated section. The consecrated section is burial ground that has been declared as holy and is consequently suitable for Christian burial.

Within North Cemetery we have a dedicated section for those of Roman Catholic faith. Within Kinson Cemetery there is a dedicated section for those of Muslim faith and a dedicated section for those of Jewish faith.

Please discuss with your funeral director where you would like to lay your loved one to rest.

About graves

The usual depth for burial in a new grave is 9 foot (about 2.7m). Further burials are then at 7 foot (just over 2m) and 5 foot (about 1.5m). Burial depth can be subject to ground conditions. Graves can usually take up to 3 full body burials and can then accommodate 6 sets of cremated remains.

As noted in our Cemetery Rules and Regulations no grave shall be dug, excavated or backfilled except by persons appointed or employed by BCP Council only. There may be exceptions to this rule, and this is at the discretion of the Bereavement Care Manager.

If you would like a more comprehensive view of burial and burial procedures within our cemeteries, this can be found in sections 3 and 4 of our Cemetery Rules and Regulations.

How much does a burial cost?

Our burial prices are on this page.

What to expect on the day

If you are attending a burial and are wondering what will happen on the day, you can find out on this page.

The Death Management Process

There is a very specific process that occurs when someone passes away in either hospital, in the community (eg in their own home) or in a care home.

View the process.

Developing and improving our burial service

We are currently reviewing and updating our burial procedures. If you would like to provide any feedback on the current service and offer, please contact Nicola Lynch, Bereavement Care Manager.