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Funeral Plan Provider Guidance

Funeral Plan Providers must be regulated under the FCA.

Using a Funeral Plan Provider

From 29 July 2022, all funeral plan providers are required to be regulated under the Financial Conduct Authority. Any funeral plan provider not ‘authorised’ to sell funeral plans will be committing a criminal offence and may be subject to criminal prosecution in the courts.

All funeral plan providers in the country are now required to submit an application for authorised status to sell. Not all will apply, with some transferring to other providers authorised to sell - this may lead to some families being unable to make funeral provision under the funeral plans paid who will be unable to ‘pay out’.

We recommend that you check the registration status of your funeral plan provider when taking out a policy.

More information

Further information can be found on the FCA website with status listings of all registered funeral plan providers: There will be some listed that you are familiar with.